Franchising, retail & distribution.

As a franchise lawyer I have advised some of Australia’s most famous franchised brands, for both franchisors and franchisees.

Everything from setting up new franchises, helping them grow (sometimes fast!), managing the issues that can come with growth and even international franchise expansion.  

I’ve advised across different sectors too – from food & beverage, professional services, real estate and automotive, to retail, fashion and grocery/FMCG.  

In 2014/15, I served as a member of the ACCC’s Franchising Consultative Committee.  

I can help with all legal issues associated with franchising, including:

  • Franchise agreements & associated documentation: draft, review and negotiate;
  • Franchising Code of Conduct compliance & disclosure;
  • Franchise start-ups and establishment;
  • Mediation / alternative dispute resolution;
  • Buying and selling franchises;
  • IP rights and licensing;
  • Retail & distribution arrangements;
  • Competition & consumer / trade practices compliance.