Following a review of their official fees, IP Australia has introduced a new official fee structure from 10 October 2016.

Most significantly, under the new regime applicants now pay a higher fee of $130 per class when applying to register a trade mark.  If the trade mark complies with all the necessary requirements of registration, it will be advertised as accepted and be subject to the usual two month opposition period.  If no opposition is recorded, the trade mark will automatically be registered without the applicant having to pay the old $300 per class registration fee.

In a nutshell, the effect of these changes combined reduces the total application and registration fees for a trade mark from $500 per class to $330 per class – a saving of $170 per class!

Perhaps to help offset this, the fees for renewing a registered trade mark (only due every 10 years) have increased from $300 to $400 per class.

Overall, the changes make the registration of trade marks more affordable than ever.  Given that registration lasts for 10 years before renewal is due, and in view of the protection that trade mark registration affords a brand name or logo, the cost v benefit of registering your trade marks is simply amazing.  There really is no excuse for not registering your trade marks.

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